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American Express Internship Interview Experience for CFR/EDA (On-Campus)

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Hi everyone, Here is my Internship Selection Experience at American express. In totality, there were 3 rounds include one online test and 2 technical rounds (2nd technical round was a mix of HR and Technical).

Round 1: Online Test

Time: 1 hr 30 min

  • Online Test comprising of 60 MCQ’s(1 mark each with 0.25 negative marking) in 45 mins and 2 coding question of 15 marks each in 30 mins. You can’t switch between coding and MCQ portions.
  • MISSING BOWL: There are N bowls arranged on a table in a row. Each Bowl contains some marble sin a away that sum of the number of marbles in the first and last bowl is equal to the sum of the number of marbles in the second and the last bowl and so forth. The bowls are kept in increasing order of the number of marbles in them. It is found that there are only n-1 bowls. The first and last bowls are at place, but one of the bowls is missing. Find the number of marbles in the missing bowl.
  • There are N students standing in a line for interview, the person going first has higher chance of selection. Each one has a number associated with them which represents their capabilities. The higher the number, the higher are the chances for getting selected. Every student wants to know the number of students ahead of them who have a higher capability number than them.

Find this number for every student.

The MCQs had output-based questions,reasoning, and aptitude questions. In this round I was able to solve around 50+ MCQ’s and 1 coding question completely.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

Time: 1 hr

  • The following question was the part of my second round:
  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What do you understand by Interpersonal Skills?
  • Explain your projects(one by one he asked about both my major projects).
  • Then he gave me a series (of prime numbers) and asked me to find the next number.(easy enough)
  • Then he asked me find count of 3 digit numbers which are multiple of both 3 and 4.
  • The first two puzzles were asked as it is and last one was based on the same concept as of the third link.
  • Further, He asked me to rate myself in programming languages I had mentioned in my resume and asked basics questions on that -: why C++,difference between structure and class, references and pointers, in SQL union and union all, acid properties etc. He also gave me a query and asked me to tell him the output for the same.
  • Finally, he asked me how Amex generates revenue.
  • Lastly, do you have any questions for me?

Round 3: Technical + Hr

Time : 30-40 mins

  • He was having summary of my last round before only so he started with a question only, what capabilities of you ; do you think are responsible for you being here.(Pertaining to Any specific position you have mentioned in your resume or so ).
  • There are 5 sources (A, B, C, D, E) each having a distance of 200 meters between them. How many unique combinations are possible such that if you consider AB then BA shouldn’t be considered.
  • You want to open a pizza outlet that can deliver in 5 pin code regions, tell me the 5 attributes you would consider to select those 5 pin codes in a city or so.
  • Again how does Amex makes money and lastly do you have any questions for me.

Verdict: Selected


  • Be confident while answering the questions and keep it clear. Try to give the answer in a proper structure.
  • Try every question even if you don’t know the exact answer , your positive approach will definitely do wonders. Be prepared with everything on your resume and especially SQL.
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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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