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Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2016

Amdocs visited our college for full time Software Engineer profile. Selection process was consist of 3 round.

Round 1:
Total of 150 students appeared in online test out of which 31 are selected for next round.

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# 1st Round Topics:

1.1) Quantitative Aptitude
1.2) Logical reasoning
1.3) English comprehension and general questions
1.4) sql/pl-sql (queries)
1.5) unix (commands)
1.6) OS and C outputs (some C conceptual questios too)
1.7) 2 Coding questions ( 1. WAP to print all prime numbers from 1 to n, 2. WAP to print all distinct number in an array (e.g. if array is 1,3,5,4,7,3,4,7 then o/p is : 1,3,5,4,7)

NOTE: first you will have to choose in which language you will code (option was c and java)

#2nd Round:

interviewer started with asking me about my family background and then from where you did BCA.
2.1) He asked me to rate myself in all subjects out of 5 ( in C,C++,DBMS,SQL,PL/SQL,Networking) (i didn’t rate 4 in any of the above subjects so he asked me tell a subject (or a field) in which i can rate 4). i told puzzle solvig. He asked two simple puzzle….

(2.1.1) You have a 7 inch gold bar and you have to give 1 inch bar daily to a servant working for you (he works for 7 days). what will be the minimum cut so that you can give the wage to servant. ( i answered then he asked what if the bar is 15 inch and servant works for 15 days (answered)).

(2.1.2) what will come at question mark?

                 2+5 = 10
                 6+6 = 72
                 8+9 = 136
                 4+11 = ? 

(there is an error in the question “2+5=14″… i corrected that and then answered 🙂 )

2.2) Now he switched to Technical part

what is structure, difference between structure and union,
what is void pointer,
const pointer, pointer to const,
selection sort complexity ( worst case, best case, he was trying to confuse me 🙂 )
program for Perfect number,
2’s cmplement of -5,
merge sort (only explanation and complexity)
Dangling pointer

Data structure to reverse string ( other than stack)
Data structure used for networking
what is multiplexing and demultiplexing
what is signal
what is cursor
Difference between ‘where’ and ‘having’ (dbms)
Difference between ‘truncate, drop and delete’ (dbms)
what are aggregate function(dbms)
Simple queries related to Self join

then he asked do you have any questions i asked about the the technology the company is working on, he told me about some of the technologies.

(DS questions can be asked as linked list questions were asked to one of my friends)

#3. HR-Round

1. Tell me about your family background
2. why amdocs?
3. Do you want to do any further study?
4. issue with job location ?
5. why there is variation in percentage of marks

Out of 31, 14 were selected.


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