Amdocs Interview Experience | On-Campus

Amdocs visited our campus for on-campus placements for a research based job. The interview was preceded by an online test and candidates were shortlisted on the basis of score.

Round 1: Online Test

There were 63 questions. 61 questions from logical, quantitative, qualitative reasoning area. There was some questions on Java as well. There were 2 programming questions as well. Programming questions were Beginner level. One could write code in Java, Python, C++ and C, and ideally took 15 minutes each. The questions employed concepts of string and matrix. The coding questions didn’t require any special algorithm implementation to solve.  The test lasted for 90 minutes, although it was doable in 75 minutes.

Pre-placement talk on the morning of on-site interview where introduction about the company and the job profile was given. It was followed by QnA and a presentation on microservices.

Round 2: Technical Round

  • Difference between MongoDB and MySQL.
  • Explain HTTP and HTTPS to me. What is the difference between the both?
  • Tell me what you know about Node.js. Why is Node.js so scalable?
  • REST architecture. How does a REST API work? Give an example as well.
  • Design a lift system. what should be the components of the lift? What data structure to use to implement it?

Round 3: HR Round

The shortlisted students were interviewed by HR and then job offers were extended to the selected candidates. Tips : Be confident. Extract answers from the pre-placement talk given at the start. The HR notices the candidates active in QnA during the talk.

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