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Amazon WOW Internship Interview Experience 2021

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I applied for a 2-month SDE internship role in amazon through the amazon wow program 2021, This program is an initiative by Amazon to promote women in tech.

Round 1(17th August 2021): It was an online assessment on the Mettl platform that was around 1.5hrs long. The 9 sections of this test were: Hands-on coding, Data Structures, Algorithms, Networking, Software Testing, Software Methodologies, Linux, OOPs, and Operating Systems.

Round 2(25th August 2021): It was an online assessment on the SHL amazon platform.

Note: The paper had sectional timing.

  1. Debugging section – we needed to solve 7 debugging questions in 20 min.
  2. Coding test – It has 2 medium-level questions. The difficulty level of questions varies from set to set.
  3. Worklife assessment – It has around 25-30 questions related to work ethics and perspective towards life.
  4. Reasoning ability section – It has 24 questions that need to be answered in 35 mins (the questions were easy).

Interview: My interview was scheduled for 10th October, 24hrs before that I got the interview link. I was super excited at the same time nervous; the interviewer was very understanding and gave me time to get comfortable. 

  • She started by asking a warmup question find-next-greater-number-set-digits. First, I gave a naive approach to the solution i.e., generate all the permutations of the number and then figure out the one which is just greater than the given number. she asked me to optimize the solution and then I came up with an O(N log N) approach after that he asked me to code it.
  • The second question was to check whether a given binary tree is BST or not. I gave a naive approach (second approach in this article).
  • Then she asked me to optimize if I can, and I came up with an efficient approach (3rd approach in this article)which required the tree traversal only once she was satisfied and asked me to code, I wrote the code and had a dry run to ascertain its correctness.
  • She was satisfied with my approach and way of explanation.
  • I was satisfied with my performance and was expecting a positive response, on 20th October I got the selection mail.

Tips – Be confident, think loud, always dry run your code before you tell the interviewer that you are done and luck plays a vital role so fingers crossed.

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Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2022
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