Amazon Interview Experience | Set 430 (For SDE2)

Round 1:

  1. Given an array and an operation -> foo(index, value), the value can be either 1 or -1, if foo(index, value) is called, it will add ‘value’ to all elements from index till end of the array, find minimum number of operation to make all array elements 0.
  2. Don’t remember completely, but it was something like finding a deadlock in a BST.

Round 2:

  1. Trapping Rain Water
  2. Longest Possible Chunked Palindrome

Round 3:

Design round:

  1. Design a scalable meeting room booking system.

Round 4: 

Managerial round, lot of project and Amazon’s leadership principle related questions.

Round 5:

Bar Raiser: Lot of behavioral and leadership principle questions, then asked a design question, design a load balancer’s algorithm so that it redirects the traffic between three services s1, s2, s3 by 50%, 30% and 20%. further clause added to handle various clients calling to specific services.


Tips for the interview:  Good hands on towards problem solving and algorithm, HLD and LLD,   prepare well for Amazon’s leadership principles.



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