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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE2 (3 years exp)

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I started with Amazon Interviews from Jan’18 and ended in March’19. This is not because there was delay from Amazon’s recruiter side but it was scheduled according to my convenience. In my case recruiter from Amazon connected with me on LinkedIn/Email followed by conversation over the phone.


Round 0 – Online Test

There were 2 questions which were easy and medium respectively. Please have some practice over input gathering and some STL fluently as it would consume most of your time if you are out of touch from competitive programming.

I would recommend you to practice a few problems(easy/medium- Ad-hoc/String) on LeetCode/Hackerrank/any other website before giving this test.

Round 1 – Face 2 Face Problem Solving/Data Structures

The round started with introduction from either side, in my introduction I was asked deeply about my projects and some situational questions like (Have you ever countered your manager’s design/ideas when you felt another approach could be better?). There were more such questions which went for about first 15 minutes.

Below DS/Algo questions were asked in this round. I was asked to write working code(cleanly) including any auxiliary function that I was using. Also was asked to explain my solution’s complexity.

Some Tips: Writing clean code and covering edge cases is very important in these rounds and missing some of them can add some flags to your review for the round.

Merge k Sorted Arrays

Check if subtree


Round 2 – Face 2 Face Problem Solving/Data Structures

This round was similar to first round and review of first round was agnostic as it happened back to back. In this round too the project I was working on was asked in detail.

Word Break Problem

Merge K sorted linked lists


Round 3 – Face 2 Face-  Managerial/Design

The round was around knowing in detail about my entire experience in accordance with Amazon’s principles. Before this round it is highly advised to know all Amazon’s principles and recall all your experiences that match with them. You would be asked all the  situational questions like

  1. Share any instance when you conflited you manager.
  2. You were conflicted by manager/peers
  3. Learned anything apart from projects which was not directly applicable to your work.

The round also covered some design of my projects and some tested some of my concepts around design like scaling/caching/sharding.


Round 4 – Face 2 Face-  Sr.Managerial

This round was partially similar to earlier round beside focusing whether I was fit to few more Amazon’s principles like whether I can invent and simplify any process while working and whether I was curious to learn new things.

I spoke about 80-90 percent of the time in this round and I explained all the small projects/initiatives I had taken in my experience which were in accordance with these principles.

Round 5 Face 2 Face – Design (Low+High)

I was asked to Design a room booking system.

This included discussion around both high level and followed by low level. You need to clearly ask questions and limit your discussion to features which the interviewer cares. Since this is quite subjective round you need think aloud and have the expertise in what you speak.After all these rounds,

5-7 days later, I got a call from recruiter who confirmed my selection.

Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019
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