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Amazon interview experience | SDE-1 | 2.5 years experienced

Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2019
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A few nuggets before going in:

Prepare well. Work hard. Speak confidently. Be fast (dont by-heart the answer though!)

Round 1 (Telephonic):

Got a call from a person in the team for which the interview was being conducted. Questions were on my project, and basic concepts like SSL etc. (this differs from team to team I believe)

Round 2 (Online – AMCAT):

The first question was essentially based on but there were two arrays given, you had to pick one element from each such that the sum is closest to X.

This was framed as a problem where there is a plane with a given fuel capacity (X) and one array containing the fuel consumption values for certain destinations (A) and another array containing the fuel consumption for going to another location after going to the location in the previous array (B). Now we need to find max A+B such that A+B <= X

The second question was essentially based on:

It was framed something like a delivery person wants to deliver to the k nearest locations

Round 3 (Face-to-face, Problem solving):

These questions were asked. Focus is on your problem solving skills rather than on actual Data structure or algorithm knowledge.

Round 4 (Face-to-face, Data structures and algorithms):

Here knowledge of data structures and algorithms is a must. Look for edge cases and be quick if possible. Questions asked were:Diameter of Binary Tree , Cutted Segments followed by a modification

Round 5 (Face-to-face, Hiring manager interview):

Questions of how you would approach a problem technically etc. Focus is on how you exhibit the Amazon leadership principles. Prepare beforehand and think of situations in life where you have exhibited them

Round 6 (Via Amazon chime, Bar raiser):

Deep and end-to-end knowledge of your current project is tested. There may be coding as well depending on the requirement.

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