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Amazon Interview Experience (Onsite)

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2021

I had 4 interviews in Amazon Chime. Each one was 55 mins, the first 30 mins were about behavior questions(2-3) and only 25 mins for technical.


  1. Given pattern (ex: “ShC” ) and dictionary:
    Return list of strings matching this patern like:
    ShC -> "ShipClass", s->"ShipClass","SchoolClass","Class" TL->""
  2. Design Twitter
  3. Oop: design FileFinder
  4. Given a social network and 2 people, find the shortest friends path between them


  1. The time when you fail commitment,
  2. The time when measuring customer experience
  3. The time when you got bad feedback from your manager
  4. The time when you help a teammate
  5. The time when you innovate something
  6. The time when you pushing your idea
  7. The time when your idea was rejected


  1. Behavior questions take lots of time, and it’s very important to have different prepared stories for them. You can you same story for different questions if you can show the required aspect.
  2. On the technical part, the most important thing is the idea, because you have only 25 mins. 
  3. You will not have a compilator, so small mistakes in syntax are not so important.
  4. You should write clean code, but always ask the recruiter if he wants you to implement methods or not. it will help you to save time and focus on important parts.

Good luck!

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