Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

Amazon visited our campus(Sathyabama University) to recruit interns. I’m sharing my internship’s interview experience.

Round 1: The round is online test conducted by mettl paltform.

There were 28 mcqs, it covers c, c++, ds and algorithms.(switch case, printf, cout, recursion, trees, heaps, stacks)

2 coding questions

1.Maximum sum subarray

2.Find nth term in A.P

Round 2:

2 coding questions

  1. search an element in rotated and sorted array.
  2. find the vertical sum in binary tree.

Round 3:

This round was fully coding . Totally he gave me 3 questions in that I have solved 2. Interviewer was very friendly. They will help if you have got struck anywhere. My interview was almost 1 and half hour. He didn’t checked my resume. They are expecting coding from us.

coding questions:

1.check if a binary tree is subtree of another tree

2.Given a String and a banned array. The task is to find the most frequent word in the string which is not present in banned array. (Not case sensitive)

string: If you think you can do it, you can do it

banned[]:{ you, can}

output: do (“it” also occured two times but “do” occured first)

I didn’t solved this question.

Then he asked about joins.

Later he asked me to write use cases for

1.if youtube is not working in your mobile

2.use cases while entering the debit card numbers

And then he asked a coding question

Merge two sorted linked lists

My advice to prepare ds and  algorithms. Finally, I got selected for Internship by god’s grace.

Role-System Development Engineer.

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