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Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus for SDE-1

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2021
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There were totally 5 rounds,(1 online coding Test+3 Technical Interviews+1 (managerial-cum-technical  Round))

Round-1(Online Coding Test)

The test was conducted on amazon’s platform.

It had 4 sections:

  1. Code Debugging (C, C++, Java)[Not sure of python and other languages]. (20 minutes)
  2. Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. (35 minutes)
  3. Workstyles Assessment. (20 minutes)
  4. Coding Round. (70 minutes)

The first 3 sections were fairly easy, but one needs to be a tad bit quicker to finish all the questions on time.

There were 2 coding questions. Different sets had different questions. links to a few of them are as follows:






Round -2(Technical Interview)


The solution given on the above link was not expected, but the interviewer was satisfied 

with  O(n ^{ 0.5}) approach


Round-3(Technical Interview)

Q1)The idea was similar to the problem given in the link below, but the question was completely different.


Round-4(Technical Interview)


A lot of reasonings and variations(like, why BFS, can we do with DFS, if no then why?, its time and space complexity, can we do by using only O(1) memory to keep track of distance, etc ).  

Q2)As the first question gulped the majority of the time because of its variations and reasoning, he told me that he would ask me a theoretical question.

So, first, he asked me to write down all the data structures which I know. And then, to think of real-time applications of each of them.  



2)What would you do if you are stuck in a huge Technical problem? Support your answer with a realtime situation you have faced.

3) Describe an incident where you were in a difficult situation(professional, not personal) first but then, finally came out of it successfully?

And a few other “Describe an incident” Questions were also asked.

Additional Information

  • The Interviews were conducted on Amazon Chime(A video calling platform).
  • Coding questions were asked to code on Amazon’s LiveCode platform where both the interviewer and the interviewee can simultaneously edit and view the code.
  • The Interviews were of 1 hr each.


  • Be thorough with  Time and space complexity calculation, as it is the first question you might get after proposing an algorithm to the interviewer.
  • Don’t be silent in the interview, keep sharing all your thoughts and budding ideas, it would not only engage the interviewer but also help you to get fresh ideas.
  • Be polite and carefully listen to the interviewer(you might be lucky to grab a few clues).

A big Thank you to GeeksforGeeks for transforming me from a reader to a writer.


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