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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2023
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Number of rounds: 4

One is an online assessment round and 3 are technical rounds.

Online Assessment: There were two parts to the online assessment round. The first part is the coding round(two questions were asked). And 2nd part is the work simulation round. Click on the below link to know about the work simulation round

Coding questions were easy and medium-level difficulty.

The Interviews were conducted on the Amazon Chime platform. Coding questions were asked to code on Amazon’s LiveCode platform. Each interview round was between 60-90 minutes.

Technical Round 1:

  DSA Questions

  1. Candy crush question / k consecutive same element will pop out 
  2. Tree cousins question

Leadership principle questions 

  1. When is the time when you showed your ownership skills? Ans How?
  2. Is there any situation in life when the deadline is near? And what you did do?

Technical Round 2:

DSA Questions

  1. Boundary Traversal of Tree.
  2. Frog Jump Question (Striver DP series 1st question) with a small modification. ou

Leadership principle questions

  • I am unable to remember now. but she asked 2 questions.

 Technical Round 3:This round was the longest round(nearly 90 minutes).

DSA Questions

  1. Word search in character matrix 
  2. Tree next pointer question 

Leadership Principle questions

  1. He asked so many questions. What is the biggest setback in your life? How you bounced back from that? We discussed browsing on google. How it affects software developer life? 
  2. I was able to solve all 6 questions correctly. Leadership questions were tricky so, practice leadership questions before the interview. 

After one-day results were announced. Boom !! I was selected. 

One day or Day one you decide. Keep coding. All the best. 

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