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Date: (11th August,2019)

Round 1: Round 1 consisted of 2 coding questions and 28 MCQs.

The first question was given a single dimension array and 2 dimensions of a 2D array, convert the given single dimension array into the 2D array of the given dimension(it was given that it will always be possible to convert the 1D array to 2D array of given dimension), find the sum of row-wise maximum sum and column-wise maximum sum. It was pretty straight forward.

The second question was given a string like for eg. httpfoorux or ftpbarrusds convert the given strings into URL of the form or ft:// This was also a pretty straight forward question. The MCQs were tricky and tested the candidate’s C and C++ language knowledge.

The test was a 90 minutes test and was conducted on Mettl. bits/stdc++.h was allowed and the C++ compiler was g++ 5.4. Around 27 students cleared the first round.

Round 2: Round 2 was a direct technical interview. The interviewer directly moved on to the algorithm question and didn’t ask about my projects etc.

The first question was to Check if the given linked list is a palindrome or not. The constraints were that you cannot modify the given list and cannot use any auxiliary space.

The second question was to Find all the nodes at k distance from a given node in a binary tree. 

The interview asked to explain the approach first. After successfully explaining the approach the interviewer asked to write the functions for the questions on paper with proper syntax with as minimum mistakes as possible.

Round 3: Round 3 was also a direct technical interview.

The first question was to find the minimum number of platforms required given the arrival and departure times of the trains. The given list of times will not be in sorted order and you are not allowed to sort the given time array.

Then he went on to ask me about heap. He asked me to write a code for heapify as a min-heap.

The interviewers were very helpful during the whole process. Finally, 12 students were selected for a 6-month internship at Amazon.

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