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Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus for Internship

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  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:(Online Assessment – 2 hours)

The online assessment consist of 4 parts.In first part we have to debug 7 codes in 15 minutes.The second part comprised of 24 logical reasoning question which had to be done in 35 minutes.The third part consists of 2 coding questions that had to be done in 70 minutes.The debugging part and the logical reasoning questions were very easy.

The 2 coding questions were

1: . I have done it in O(nlogn) by first sorting the array then using binary search.The solutions with O(n^2) time complexity were also accepted.

2: .The second question was to find out the average waiting time of processes in Round Robin scheduling.It can easily be done using Queue data structure.

In the fourth part we were given some questions on work ethics which were to be answered honestly and carried a weightage.Some students who had done both the coding questions and had not answered these questions carefully were not shortlisted for the next round and the students who had answered this part carefully and had done only one coding question were shortlisted.

The online round was very easy and I had done both the coding questions .

Out of around 250 students 52 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 2:(Face to Face interview – 1 hour)

This round begins with a brief discussion on my project and the interviewer asked about the algorithms that i have used in it.He then asked me 2 coding questions

1: .The question was to decompress the compressed string.I solved it using a stack of strings.He then asked me to code my approach on paper so that all corner cases are covered.He then gave me 2 or 3 test cases and asked me to dry run my code on these test cases.He was very impressed by my approach.

2: .He then asks me another question which was an application of topological sorting in Directed Acyclic Graph and asked me to code topological sort algorithm on paper.

He then asked me whether I have an interest in Computer Networking or not.I said that CN is not one of my favourite subjects and my favourite subjects are OS and DBMS.He then start asking questions from OS and DBMS.

He asked the data structures that are used in DBMS, indexing concept in DBMS, insertion in B trees, ACID properties and the difference between thread and process in OS.He was satisfied by all of my answers as I had prepared all of core CS subjects for the interview.

After all these he asked whether i have any question for him and the interview ended.

I was very happy with my performance and was very confident of my selection.

Out of 52 shortlisted students 14 were selected for the summer internship and i was one of them.

I would like to thanks Geeks for Geeks which was a great help during my preparation for the interview.


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