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Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: (Online)

Though this was an On-Campus Internship at my Institution- Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus. But even then, we had to apply for the internship on the Amazon Jobs site. The form on teh website required us to attach a resume and fill out a few general questions related to the candidate’s academics, etc.

Then the very same day, we had been sent the test link and required us to take the test in the next couple of days. But the Placement Unit on our campus made us give the test in the Computer Centre at a given time slot.

It had around 7 questions ‘debug the following sets of codes’ where the wrong code and the a description of what the function should do was given. We were given 15 minutes to finish this part. Students had to change the given (very basic changes, ex: 1. Changing the sign of ‘<‘ to ‘>’ in the function, 2. Changing the ‘=’ sign to ‘==’ sign) code and submit it (after testing). There were around 25 or so questions based on logical reasoning (they were very easy). We were given 40 minutes for this part. There was a set of feedback questions asked to every student after this section.

The next section had a couple of coding questions.

Question 1. Pair with largest sum less than K in the array.

The solutions with O(n^2) time complexity were also accepted.

Question 2.  Round Robin Scheduling (Finding Average Wait Time)

The second question was to find out the average waiting time of processes in Round Robin scheduling, and it can solved with the help of queues.

After this section, there was another feedback section which was compulsory to fill.

After the second feedback section, there was one final section on Psychological Questions which were not timed.

We were also informed that anybody who would have not finished the feedback sections, would not be selected by default.

The only problem I had with this test was that we were told that the test would be held from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, and most of the people were still not finished at 9:25, you have to understand that there was another company’s test that was scheduled at 9:30 at the same location.


Round 2: Personal Interview (One-to-One)

Of the students who had writted the online test, 60 students had been selected for the Interview round which was held a couple of weeks later. There were 14 different interviews that were going to take place at once. We were also informed before-hand that only one round of interviews would be conducted.

From what I heard, the questions were pretty simple. During my interview, I was asked:

  • To introduce myself and talk about my projects. The interviewer asked me the core CS subjects I have finished. Then he had a few basic questions on the same subjects.
  • He started the Data Structures and Algorithms questions next.
  • One question was “What is cache memory, which data structure would you use to implement it?”.
  • Given an array of integers and a number K, find the number of distinct integers in every contigious subsequence of size K.
  • Given an array of Zeros (0) and Ones (1), find the maximum number of ones that can obtained in a contininous fashion if you are allowed to switch one zero to a one. An easier reproduction of the same problem where M=1.

Then he said that he does not have any other questions for me and he was done from his side. I took that opportunity to ask him about work in Amazon, etc.


That was it for the selection process. A few hours later the list of selected students was announced by our campus’ Placement Unit.

Result: Selected!

Thank you, and all the very best.





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