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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 278 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2024
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Recently Amazon visited our campus for recruitment process. They conducted several rounds based on the interviewee’s capacity.

Round 1:
90 minutes
20 MCQs and 2 Programming Questions.
Programs were based on Strings and Arrays.
The modules were already given by the company itself.
The first was conducted in HackerRank.

Round 2:
75 minutes.
Pen and paper test.
It is also a programming round.
The number of questions will be get increased based on your solving ability within that 75 minutes.
They need O(1) solution for those questions, if it possible. Otherwise, they need the best solution for the given question.
They sat in front of me and assess my code.
Programming language is not a matter. You can use your preferable language. I prefer Python and C programming.

Note: They are very clear in this. Don’t use any inbuilt functions. Sometimes, even striking out the code was not allowed.

Round 3:
45 – 60 minutes
They ask me 2 programming questions and 3 testing and troubleshooting questions.
As usual, for coding they need only the best solutions.
For testing and troubleshooting, they need at least 30 – 40 test cases and troubleshooting techniques.
For me, He didn’t ask me to stop until i write 35 for each.
I wrote 35 as minimum and 68 as maximum.
While you writing the solutions, they thoroughly go through your resumes and ask questions from that.
After the third completed, You can ask questions to the HR before you come out from the panel.

Round 4:

Hiring Manager round
This round is different from other rounds.
For me, its 1 hour 45 minutes.
But some of my friends have different timings like 15 to 20 minutes and 45 to 60 minutes.
In this round, there are two HRs for me.
They gave their Self intro with awesome communication. Really awesome.
They ask,
Self Intro
Project Explanation
Testing for my Project
Testing for the project and scenario given by us – I wrote 94 test cases (when I get ready for 95th test case , she asked me to stop and said, “its enough..” ) .
Troubleshooting for the test cases provided by me to my Project – I wrote 60 test cases.
Troubleshooting for the test cases provided by me to the project and scenario given by us.
Then they ask Database queries and questions.
Programming question based on the File Management System – For this also, I prefer C Data Structures and Python – The expect more number of solutions as well as the best solution.
Communication was checked.
Culture fit questions.
Then, question session for me to them.
At last, they said, “Thank you Sathish , we done the interview. We will give the results to your Placement officer.”

Thank you GeeksForGeeks :

Because, I prefer GeeksforGeeks for my programming preparations. You played a major role in my placement.

Practice Amazon Interview Questions.

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