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Amazon Interview Experience | (Off-Campus 2020 for Programmer Analyst)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2020

I had applied to Amazon Hyderabad off campus for Programmer Analyst role. The first round conducted on HackerEarth.

First Round –
I don’t remember those questionsr but there were one easy, medium and last one related to Oops concept implementation.

All rounds from second to fourth conducted on Amazon Chime
Second round –
1. infix-to-prefix-conversion-using-two-stacks
2. nth-node-from-the-end-of-a-linked-list
3. swap-kth-node-from-beginning-with-kth-node-from-end-in-a-linked-list

Third round –
In this round only 2 problems were asked:-
1. Remove unnecessary brackets from expression
ex: input (a+b)+((c+d)) and output should be (a+b)+(c+d).
2. Find the longest sub string length which is in Alphabetical order.
ex: input “cfaxy” and output should be 3(axy).
interviewer was expecting code without any bugs so be careful.

Fourth round –
1. Interviewer asked me about my projects.
2. Behavioral question- tell me any situation where you completed your task under lack of information.
3. Find a missing number in range of 1 to n.
4. Gave me a code snippet and asked me to find error.

For every coding question I was asked time and space complexity too.

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