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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Chrome

Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2022
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Firefox and Chrome are the two popular web browsers in the world. Firefox is senior to chrome by six years. Now, If we compare them both Chrome and Firefox are excellent web browsers in their own right. In some areas, one browser was better than the other. Chrome is by far the most used browser in the world. Due to its easy interface and availability across platforms, thus Chrome has become the browser of choice for a large number of users.

Features of Chrome

  • Security: User data is stored encrypted on the device, user data is limited to things like user settings, and all other data is stored in the cloud.
  • Boot up speed: It uses those applications that can run in the browser, that is, in the cloud in the Chrome browser. One of the main reasons for that is faster downloads. Because there are no local applications and limited hardware, devices do not have to go through long checklists of devices and drivers, load programs into resident memory, etc.
  • Support for x86 and ARM architectures: Google promises to write its own code for both popular netbook processors.
  • Supports Microsoft Office: If you ask Google executives about Microsoft, you’ll get the humorous answer that their company only cares about users, not its competitors. But in one of Thursday’s loudest demo moments, Pichai showed how Chrome OS handles Office documents via Microsoft Office Live, the free web-based version of Office available to Windows Live users.

Advantages of using Chrome Browser

  • Cloud Storage: 100GB of cloud storage is free with the purchase of Chromebooks. You can use this cloud storage with Google Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other Google apps. It’s good enough for anything you do online.
  • Fast and fast: Chrome OS is free and open source. The Chrome OS code is available on GitHub. Anyone can view and change the code if they want. Compared to other OSes, Windows and Mac OS are very expensive and paid software. It only takes 8 seconds to load Chrome OS. All apps and websites load very fast on Chrome OS.
  • Linux Kernel: Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel. As you know, Linux is a very stable OS. You can also install native Linux apps on your Chromebook.
  • Office Applications: Easily do office work with spreadsheets, slides, disks, documents, and more. Google provides all these tools in the Chrome browser.
  • Cost-effective: Chromebooks are inexpensive compared to other types of laptops. You can get regular Chromebooks in the $300-$400 price range. For example, you can use a Chromebook for general web browsing. Check email, use social networking sites, stream videos, use online applications, etc. Even your kids can easily use their Chromebooks. If you’re a student, you can easily do research with a Chromebook.
  • Good Battery Life: If you have a Chromebook, you can even get up to 13 hours of use. Most MacBooks have a battery life of 4 hours. You can easily do office work or research with a Chromebook.
  • Various Touchpad Gestures: You can use various finger gestures on the Chromebook to perform various tasks. Here are some of the touchpad gestures:
    • Three-finger swipe up or down to see all windows 
    • Two-finger swipe left to go to the previous page.
    • Two-finger swipe right to go to the next page.

Disadvantages of using Chrome browser

  • Fast Internet Required: Chrome OS requires a fast Internet connection as 90% of Chromebooks are designed for Internet-connected applications. All apps on your Chromebook are cloud-based. Most Chromebooks have 30 GB of local space, which is not enough to store a lot of data. If you want to watch a movie, streaming online through YouTube or Netflix websites is your only option.
  • Gotowebinar: Gotowebinar is a popular online conferencing software, but it is not available on Chrome OS. Works only on Windows and Mac OS.
  • Additional Laptops: If you already have a laptop or PC, you don’t need to buy a Chromebook because the laptop or PC already has the core Chrome browser features.
  • Less Software: Most software companies prefer to make software for PC and MAC because of the large number of users. Also, Chrome OS isn’t meant to run big software, it’s to do with internet applications.


Chrome is not a part of the default OS in either Windows or MacOS. It is the most popular browser in the world. Though there are some advantages, Chrome is undoubtedly more amazing rather than others.

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