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Adobe Interview Experience for Internship

Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020
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Round 1: Round one was an online test with 4 sections, each section was timed and you cannot switch between the sections. The sections can be attempted in a specific order only:

  1. Section 1: Cognitive assessment – 20 MCQs, 20 mins. The questions were related to logical reasoning and basic math.

  2. Section 2: Technical assessment – 20 MCQs, 20 mins. The questions were related to basic computers’ knowledge like DSA, OS, DBMS, Syntax checking.

  3. Section 3: Coding assessment – 2 questions:

    • Number with the maximum occurrence of digit K. An array of numbers was given and a single number k was given, the number which has the maximum occurrence of k should be printed.

      array: {22, 32, 242, 277, 222}, k=2, 
    • Wildcard matching – Similar question.

    Section 4: Gamified assessment – These were like the memory-based games and had 3-4 levels per game.

Round 2: This was a telephonic round held on BlueJeans which lasted for approximately one hour, the interviewer greeted me and told me to tell me about myself, I gave a brief introduction about my education and a little about my family and my hobbies. Then he asked me the average time I spend on coding on a daily basis and my language of preference.

Then he gave me a coding question to code on the spot while sharing my screen and explaining what am I doing. The question was similar to this question.

I gave a basic solution to which he asked the time complexity and asked me to optimize it. PRACTICE OPTIMIZED CODING as it will help everywhere as optimized codes are appreciated everywhere.  We had a good discussion as to what should I approach, how will it help the time complexity, and everything else going on in my mind.

He asked me if I knew about paging, but I remembered it vaguely and I said it straightforward that I don’t remember, as it is no use beating around the bush that just irritates the interviewer. Then he asked me the difference between a 32-bit OS and a 64-bit OS and how much GB RAM can each hold(Ans: 2^(32 or 64)bits memory). He then asked me what was my favourite subject to which I answered Cryptography, and he asked me questions from it. Questions were related to Asymmetric key cryptography and the difference between symmetric and asymmetric.  

The whole idea of the interview was to see my approach rather than my coding skill, but a good knowledge of the basics of the core CS subjects, as well as algorithms, is a must. Proficiency in coding is appreciated, but not very necessary as your communication, approach and logic are what matters.

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