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Administration and Ownership of Internet

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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A webbing is been set up in the 1970s the Defence Department of the USA called it ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network). The main objective was to provide solutions to military Research and to test and create network Technologies. Scientific team at defence Ministry of the USA in order to share information and Research outcomes add a selected university and Research Laboratories partnership. So most research teams and equipment manufacturers started forming network team about the advantage of collaborative work. Answer network started growing a set of protocols that helps in communication over the internet that is a newer protocol like TCP/IP are used that evolved in which communication that could take place between equipment of different configuration and types.

Administration and Ownership :

  1. One thing is definite that no one possesses the internet nobody funds it even, admittedly every person who gets associated with the internet become a part of the circle the internet is not administered by any Central body, though many assemblies are running in teams to continually maintain the probity of the internet. 
  2. ISOC consists of a group of people who nurture the Internet and elevate communication on it. 
  3. It nominates the Internet Architecture Board which sanction standards and grant and keep a history of Internet resources like IP address. Internet Engineering is another discretionary group, which controls technical issues. 
  4. Co-ordination functions are accomplished by Internet NIC which charges an amount for enrollment of domain names to help cover administrative costs. Computer Emergency ResponseTeam(CERT) looks after security issues. 
  5. There is a much more voluntary framework and the aim of all is to conserve the Internet and stop it from crashing. 

Meaning of the Internet :
By the togetherness of two words, the internet word has been derived namely interconnectivity and networks therefore it is called the network of networks in a vast pool of resources that offers many opportunities to different people.
By one single definition, we cannot explain the vastness of the internet however a few common concepts are there –

  1. It is the ocean of knowledge that is divided into forms of data.
  2. The company’s presence is shown in this place all over the world.
  3. With close ones all over the world, the internet gives the opportunity to communicate.
  4. Employment opportunity all over the world is also given by the internet.
  5. For the young and old this is a source of entertainment in every stage of life.

Disadvantages :
There are some drawbacks too –

  1. Hackers can create a hazard by injecting viruses and destroying system securities.
  2. To topics censored at their ages children may be exposed.
  3. If not properly used this can be a perfect time waster.
  4. Many loss of privacy.
  5. Addiction leading to medical and social problems like weak eyes, backaches, etc.

Conclusion :
Though the internet is a good means of information and for learning new things, but it can also be the reason for differences due to the access use. In various sectors, we can create income opportunities with the help of the internet. 

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