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Accolite Interview | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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Accolite came to our campus for recruitment.

First Round Written Test:
20 MCQs in which general CS basics question were asked. And one subjective paper where we have to write 3 codes.
1. Maximum path sum between two nodes of a tree
2. Majority element in an array.
3. Some 2d array related question.
They selected 7 students out of around 180 students for next rounds.

Tech Interview Round 1:
1. Let’s say you are given with some lines of codes, in any language say C++. You have to design a complete syntax checker.

– I need to give him a algo or design steps which I will follow to make this checker.(Around 1 hr 15min discussion/suggestions/more test cases/new boundary case were discussed, Then finally he was satisfied with the output)

2. This question was pretty easy just to complete the round 1,I think. He asked me to code the problem “to find kth smallest element from the last in a Link List”.

Tech Interview Round 2:
There were two interviewers:

They picked my subjective paper (code I wrote in written test).

1. He picked my majority element question, in that question, I have used the MedianOfMedian technique. He was not very much clear with the technique so he asked me to prove the complexity that this technique works in O(n). I was also not sure about the proof that time but after some discussions in 45mins he was satisfied about the technique.

2. He asked me give him a technique for the following question:

You are given with an array. You have to put even numbers at even places or odd at odd places. Firstly i had to tell how will I decide what to do, even at even or odd at odd? Then he asked to design algo for that. He asked for inplace O(n) solution.

I have never heard about the question so it took 30mins to give the best solution. At first I gave –outplace O(n) solution then –in place O(n^2) solution –Then an incorrect O(n) in place one, for that he asked me to prove that this is wrong and finally I gave a correct solution.

And finally he asked to Code that algorithm.

Tech Interview Round 3:
1. He asked me the difference between P and NP problems.

2. Draw a venn diagram showing the relationship between P and NP (I got it completely wrong)

3. Probability question, Six coins are tossed What are the probability of getting at least 5 heads. (because of some stupidity again I gave the wrong ans)

4. Then he finally asked me to design an algorithm to find LCA of two nodes in an n-ary generic tree. I did that correctly and he was satisfied.

In next HR round, general HR questions were asked.

I think the whole process was little bit cumulative kind of process. All the rounds, even written round had some weightage in final selection. Although students got eliminated in between rounds.

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