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Accolite Interview Experience | Set 9 (On-Campus)

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Accolite Software visited our campus on 31st august 2015. At first, they conducted pre-placement-talk that was the most interesting session i ever attended.

Followed by this, they conducted Online test for 30 min that included MCQ questions from C, C++, DBMS, Networking, OS and little Quantitative Aptitude. Around 160 Students appeared for this round. 8 were shortlisted for first round interviews. I was the lucky one to get through πŸ™‚ .

Interview ( Round 1 : 1:15 hours )

The Interview Started with simple question. I was asked to Write a program to find whether loop exist in circular linked list or not. I wrote the code and then she gave different test cases to check the correctness. After this, she told me lets move to tougher problems. I was scared at that moment. Next question was the famous Dynamic Programming Problem to find maximum sum contiguous sub-array. I had practiced this problem before so did it with ease. She tried different test cases on my code and all ended up in success. Next question was to find max sum path from root to leaf in a Binary Tree. I was stuck in this question for a minute but landed up optimal solution. She was so impressed that she told me there itself that i am passing you for the next round interview.

Interview ( Round 2 : 1:30 hours)

There were 3 members in the panel. First question was β€œ You have to implement the dictionary, which data structure will you use to implement it β€œ. I told them about tries and explained the entire scenario. They told me to optimize it. I moved to ternary search trees and explained why it is better than Tries. Then They Appended the question to β€œ Now you have to search for all anagrams of the given word in your implemented dictionary β€œ . I told them the brute force solution and they told me to optimize it. I tried and presented a different solution but they were not happy. After About 45 minutes of discussion on this, they moved to the next question. He asked me the approach to find permutations of the given word. I presented him the solution along with the time complexity and he was happy. Next they gave me a puzzle β€œ You are given 1271 apples and 17 buckets. You have to distribute apples in such a way that you can represent any number with bucket sum β€œ. My solution was almost correct and after this they told me to leave.

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for such wonderful collection of Data Structure Questions.


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Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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