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Accolite Interview Experience | Off-Campus Internship 2020

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I sent my resume to the HR team for an off-campus internship at Accolite, and after 1 week I got a call from HR that my resume has been shortlisted, and they are skipping the online coding round in my case because of good coding profile to direct Technical round.

Round 1 (Technical Interview 1Hr): Firstly she asked me to introduce myself and tell a few things which are not mentioned in my CV.

Then asked me a coding question:

  1. Given a binary tree and I have to print the left view of the given binary tree using O(1) space. I was first asked to discuss the approach and then to write code. 
  2. Then she extended the question to print all views (left, right, top, bottom) of the binary tree and write the code for the same.
  3. Then she asked to print the zig-zag order of the given tree.
  • Round 2 (Technical Interview 1Hr 30 min): Without spending much time he came straight to the coding ques. 

    Given an undirected graph, with the cost of traveling on every path, we have to reach the destination at minimum cost. I told him that we can solve this using the Dijkstra algorithm and wrote the complete code. He was happy with my quick approach to the solution.

  • Then he gave me another coding question, given an array, I have to find any the longest sinusoidal subsequence in the array and print it.
    For example:
Input: arr[] = {10, 22, 9, 33, 49, 50, 31, 60}
Output: 6

One such longest subsequence = {10, 22, 9, 33, 31, 60}

After 10-15 mins of thinking I gave him a proper solution.

Round 3:  HR Interview (30 min)

  1. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
  2. Why Accolite?
  3. Some discussions on my previous project.

Verdict: selected

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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