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Exponential Search

The name of this searching algorithm may be misleading as it works in O(Log n) time. The name comes from the way it searches an element. Given a sorted array an element x to be searched, find position of x in the array. Input: arr[] = {10, 20, 40, 45, 55} x = 45 Output:… Read More »

Minimum time required to produce m items

Consider n machines which produce same type of items but at different rate i.e., machine 1 takes a1 sec to produce an item, machine 2 takes a2 sec to produce an item. Given an array which contains the time required by ith machine to produce an item. Considering all machine are working simultaneously, the task… Read More »

Interpolation Search

Given a sorted array of n uniformly distributed values arr[], write a function to search for a particular element x in the array. Linear Search finds the element in O(n) time, Jump Search takes O(√ n) time and Binary Search take O(Log n) time. The Interpolation Search is an improvement over Binary Search for instances,… Read More »

Jump Search

Like Binary Search, Jump Search is a searching algorithm for sorted arrays. The basic idea is to check fewer elements (than linear search) by jumping ahead by fixed steps or skipping some elements in place of searching all elements. For example, suppose we have an array arr[] of size n and block (to be jumped)… Read More »