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Name Mangling and extern “C” in C++

C++ supports function overloading, i.e., there can be more than one functions with same name and differences in parameters. How does C++ compiler distinguishes between different functions when it generates object code – it changes names by adding information about arguments.

Program to validate an IP address

Write a program to Validate an IPv4 Address. According to Wikipedia, IPv4 addresses are canonically represented in dot-decimal notation, which consists of four decimal numbers, each ranging from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g., Following are steps to check whether a given string is valid IPv4 address or not: step 1) Parse string… Read More »

Program to print last 10 lines

Given some text lines in one string, each line is separated by ‘\n’ character. Print the last ten lines. If number of lines is less than 10, then print all lines.