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Longest Repeating Subsequence

Given a string, find length of the longest repeating subseequence such that the two subsequence don’t have same string character at same position, i.e., any i’th character in the two subsequences shouldn’t have the same index in the original string.

Maximum weight transformation of a given string

Given a string consisting of only A’s and B’s. We can transform the given string to another string by toggling any character. Thus many transformations of the given string are possible. The task is to find Weight of the maximum weight transformation.

Tiling Problem

Given a “2 x n” board and tiles of size “2 x 1”, count the number of ways to tile the given board using the 2 x 1 tiles. A tile can either be placed horizontally i.e., as a 1 x 2 tile or vertically i.e., as 2 x 1 tile.