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Walmart Labs Interview Experience

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There was 1 coding round and 4 F2F interviews. This was for Software Developer Position(Note:-It was not for the research division in Walmart Labs) 

Coding Round:- 
There were 2 coding questions given in this round. The platform used is Hacker rank and we have to complete both questions in their office only in 1 hour. Usage of internet is strictly prohibited. 
1. Find Maximum sum in an array such that no 2 elements are adjacent. In this, 1 more condition was also there that first and last elements should also not be taken together. This question was modification of this. 

2. In a cartesian plane, there are N tanks and M objects placed. Tanks can fire in 4 directions (N, S, E, W). Position of tanks and objects are given as input and are fixed. We have to find a way to give directions to N tanks such that they will not hit any object and any other tanks. If a tank can fire in 2 directions, then a direction whose ASCII code is lesser will be given preference. Example:- 

Position of tanks 

Position of Objects 

Direction of N tanks should be:- 
(0,0) E -> This tank should fire in east direction 
(1,1) E -> This tank can fire in all 4 directions. Since E has least ASCII code in all 4 of them, so E 

Round 1:- 
1. Intersection and Intersection Point in 2 Linked List
2. Questions on Multithreading in Java. About synchronised block, etc. 
3. Why Java is platform independent and JVM platform dependent? 
4. Difference between Java and C++. 
5. Write a code for building a heap and explain its time complexity 
6. k largest elements in an array 
7. Some Questions on String datatype in Java 

Round 2:- 
1. Design a complete Railway Reservation System. Following things are checked in code:- 
a. Object Oriented Programming 
b. Design Patterns used(if any) 
c. Are use cases are optimised or not? 
2. Question on LRU cache implementation 

Round 3:- 
1. Design a data structure which provides the following APIs:- 
a. insert element in O(1) 
b. delete an element in O(1) 
c. find a random element in O(1) 
2. Some questions on Java basics. 
3. Some discussion on projects done in current job. 
4. Got 1 feedback that my knowledge of Java is not so good. So, if we hire you, then what will be your strategy to improve on your Java skills. 

Round 4:- 
1. Why do you want to join Walmart Labs? 
2. What are the biggest challenges faced by me in my current job. 

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Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2022
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