Zynga Interview Experience | Set 1

Round 1 (F2F 1.5 hour)

Round 2 (F2F 1 hour)

  • what is REST? what could be the ways implemented before REST?
  • how authentication works? – discussion on cookies, OAuth
  • find all pairs that add up to give sum k in array of numbers
  • how hash works when key is a string?
  • what are advantages of sql and nosql dbs, distributed system concepts like sharding, replication, master-slave

Round 3 (F2F 1 hour)

  • discussion on projects
  • what is priority queue and its implementation – heap with array
  • detect and find loop in linked list

Round 4 (skype interview)

  • remove duplicates in sorted linked list – they check the coding practices and make sure you go through and discuss the code with all test cases

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