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ZS Associates Interview Experience | Set 1 (Technology Analyst – On Campus)

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Round 1

 There was an online test (Only MCQ’s) having 4 sections (Verbal, Logical Reasoning, CS subject quiz and Aptitude). Shortlisted students from this round gave a Video interview round.

Round 2

This was a case study round. The case study was based on DBMS. We were asked to write the SQL query or the algorithm. Case study was tough. Time given was 35 minutes. They were not expecting the full answer, only logic part was checked. Some situation based and some guess estimates were also asked. Also, in this round interviewer gave me 3 puzzles.

Around 80% of students were eliminated after this round.

Round 3

In this round, my projects were discussed in detail that I mentioned in my Resume. Also, he gave me 3 more puzzles which I don’t remember. Some questions on DBMS were asked which were based on joins, group by etc.
Some questions like:
What is Dynamic Programming
Swap two numbers without using the third variable. Also, he asked me to write corner test cases

Then he asked me some questions related to Team Management. Some common HR questions like Why ZS, My strengths and weakness were also asked.

Finally, I was selected.

Tip: Be confident. Maintain a smile throughout the interview.

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Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2017
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