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Zoho Interview | Set 8 (On-Campus)

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ROUND 1: Aptitude questions – both Quantitative aptitude and in programming. they were NOT MCQs

1. Arrange the numbers in descending order depending on the no. of factors available for each number.
I/P: {6,8,9}
O/P: {8,6,9} or {6,8,9}
Reason: factors of 8 (1,2,4,8), factors of 6 (1,2,3,6), factors of 9 (1,3,9).

2. Two strings of equal length are given print the mismatched ones.
I/P: a b c d e f g h i
      a b d e e g g i i
O/P: cd , de //when two char are mismatched they should be printed together.
      f , g
      h , i

3. Get a number and check whether its palindrome do not use arrays and string manipulations
I/P: 5
O/P: 101-Palindrome
Reason: binary representation of 5 is 101 & it is a palindrome.
I/P: 10
O/P: Binary representation of 10 is 1010 –Not a palindrome

4. For any given matrix find the path from the start to the end which gives the maximum sum. Traverse only right or down.
Example: starting index is 15 (left top) and ending index is 10 (bottom right)
15 25 30
45 25 60
70 75 10
O/P:15->45->70->75->10 sum is 215

5. [ [‘Lava’ , ‘kusha] ,
[‘Rama’ , ‘Lava’] ,
[‘Lava ‘,’Ravanan’] ,
[‘Abi’ , ‘Lava’] ]
First string is the child & the second string is the parent. Print the no. of grand children available for the
given I/P.
I/P: Ravanan
O/P: 2

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Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2015
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