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Zoho Interview | Set 7 (On-Campus Drive)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2015

Here is my experience in zoho campus drive. It was a two day process

Day 1:

Round 1: Written Test
One and half hour time containing 15 aptitude questions and 15 c programming questions.

In aptitude all topics like time and work, ratio proportion, mixtures, work , boats and streams, number sequences were touched. They were pretty easy.

When comes to C.. the questions were basically on finding the output of the given code.. u need to have strong fundamentals on pointers, strings, preprocessor directives, enums, unions and structures.

Round 2:

A 3 hour programming round. (offline method)
Once u complete a question , it shall be verified for given sample test cases and 4 or 5 pre verified test cases. To get the next question every test case has to be solved. The questions were challenging and explanation was good

the various questions were
1. Cyclic number verification
2. Sorting dates
3. write a code to solve given mathematical expression
4. generation of unique number from any random number
5. given a number u need to print all combination of aphabets for that number

the results were announced around night

Day 2:
Round 3:

pure programming round.

We were asked to design a code (its almost a game without any graphics)
the question shall be divided into modules and each shall be verified for 7 to 8 test cases. when first module is done only then u can get the second and important thing is all the modules are inter related.

our question was a dungeon game.

An adventurer, A monster, A trigger, A treasure, Pits these are the components.
The size and location shall be given in run time. Adventurer must reach treasure fast than monster else he dies (Hint: use absolute of distance)

around 5 to 6 modules were present and 3 hour time.

Round 4:

A hr interview along with 2 technical interviews

the unsolved questions related to apti or program in previous rounds shall be asked along with some puzzles, areas of interest, why zoho ?

once u clear third round there is a 75% probability that u are in.

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