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Zoho On Campus Drive | Set 24 (Software Developer)

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Zoho had visited our college to recruit software developers. There were two types of salary package offered and also internships.
These were the rounds:

Round 1 – Online Test
There were 30 questions. 15 aptitude and 15 coding related (from C)

Aptitude was quite simple but the coding questions were really challenging.
The cut-off was pretty high as this was a round meant for mass filtering.

Round 2 – Coding

This was a hands-on coding round with 8 questions.
You could use C, C++ or JAVA

Most of the questions were easy:

Given 4 integers as input. Find whether they would form a rectangle, square or none.
Insert an element at a particular index in an array.

Some were average:

Given a large number convert it to the base 7.
Given an IP address validate it based on the given conditions.
Sort parts of an array separately using peak values.

Some were a bit challenging:

Given an input array, find the number of occurrences of a particular number without looping (use hashing)
Diamond pattern printing based on some conditions
Given an array of characters print the characters that have ‘n’ number of occurrences. If a character appears consecutively it is counted as 1 occurrence
Eg: a b a a b c c d e d
Here a has only 2 occurrences

Round 3 & 4 – Advanced coding:
In these rounds we were asked to implement the logic for 2 games
– Minesweeper
– Breakout a.k.a. Arkanoid a.k.a. Brick-Breaker (you’ll find it online)

The game was split into various stages and we were asked to implement the logic stage by stage.


A few interviews followed. Some of which was just to get to know you. One interview had a few puzzles. And one was an official interview with a lead HR from Zoho

Those who did really well got the higher package and those who just missed it also got the job with a lower package.
Some were offered internships.
Overall it was a challenging process. Those with strong logical and coding skills would make it 🙂

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Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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