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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 16

  • Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019

Round-1 (aptitude test)
This was unlike other aptitude tests. It contained output based questions. Questions were mainly based on logic and loops.

They gave questions one after the other. Initially it was easy, then ,the difficulty level increased. The first one was to check whether a year is leap year and the last one was to sort numbers based on digits starting from most significant numbers. Eg: input-100 1 11 21 2 3. Output-1 100 11 2 21 3
Each question was a continuation of the previous one, so its good if code is written as function.

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This was also coding round. They asked us to develop a train reservation system. Here also each question was continuation to the previous one(better to write code as function).The task was to write a program to book a ticket, cancel, add to waitlist…. Some constraints were also given.

Round-4(personal interview)
They Asked about classes, private constructors, garbage collections, sql , puzzle(1,7,26,?)


In this round, they asked about kernel, some puzzles , print letter ‘X’ using ‘*’.
An array contains values between 0 to n-1. Task is to find the duplicate numbers with time complexity o(n) and space complexity o(1). (Use hashing on the same array- add n to a value if the index has already been visited).

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