Zoho Interview Experience | On-Campus

Recently I attended Zoho Interview (On Campus) drive. I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for giving me this opportunity.

Round 1:Written Test

  1.  50 MCQ’s based on c and c++ basic concepts.
  2.  Time-60minutes.
  3.  Debugging of simple c programs (3-4 programs).
  4.  Finding output of c and c++ programs(2-3 programs).

Round 2:Coding Round

1. They will give 3 Different programs.

2. We want to write logic for that programs in c/c++.

3. After finishing the coding, we want to explain the code to the HR/Mentors from ZOHO.

4. Once they Accept the logic then we want to proceed to get output.

5. Atleast 2 programs we want to finish out of 3 programs.

6. Time – 2hrs



Sample Input-




Sample Output-

Hce akr

Rn ak


   Sample Input-

Print the word with odd letters – PROGRAM

Sample Output-

P      P
 R    R 
  O  O  
  R  R  
 A    A 
M      M


Sample Input – Alternate Sorting 

Input: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}

output: {7, 1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4}


Round 3:Application Level Programming

1. They provide some scenario about real life. we want to think logic and provide solution for that in aplication level.

2.Time -4hrs

3. First 1hr think logic then explain to HR/mentor.

4. Next 3hrs we want to code for that application using c++/java.

5.HR will ask so many different Technical questions about the topics of Searching, Sorting, Hashing, Multithreading, Inheritance, Interface, JDK, JVM, wrapper class, Exception handling.

Round 4:Personnel HR

1.This is the Last Round of Interview.

2. General HR questions like why Zoho, how to you see after 5years, why you choose CSE/IT stream, Self-Intro.

3. They will check communication skills

4. Time – 30min


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