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Zilker Technology Interview Experience (On-campus)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2020

Zilker technology visited our college for on-campus recruitment on 3rd August 2020.

First Round: The first round was an online assessment conducted on evalground platform. There were 30 aptitude questions and 3 coding questions. Nearly 300 participated in this round and 40 were shortlisted including me.

The aptitude section consisted of questions from profit & loss, simple and compound interest, Work done, Partnership, etc. There were also some MCQ questions related to HTML tags and data structures.

Coding Questions:

  1. Delete every other element alternatively until only one array is left.
  2. Number of subarrays having sum exactly equal to k.
  3. Maximum consecutive repeating character in string.

Second Round: The students shortlisted for this round had a virtual interview in Google meets platform. This was a technical round. The interviewer was really friendly.

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Questions about projects mentioned in your resume
  3. Git commands
  4. What is a deadlock and how do you avoid it?
  5. What is synchronization?
  6. What is a lambda function?
  7. DBMS queries
  8. Questions based on Inheritance
  9. The Shortest path algorithm
  10. The Longest consecutive range in an array (Code and approach )
  11. How do you design an application like Instagram and what functionalities will you add?
  12. How does Instagram show suggestions for friend requests?

After this round 18 were shortlisted for the next round which was conducted on the same day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. But I heard from a friend about the next rounds.

Third Round: This round lasted for 15 minutes and included questions from the resume and some questions on HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

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