Trimble Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1: On campus 2018 .

First round consist of 4 section –

1 > Technical Fillups 10 Question . No negative marking

2> Technical MCQ 10 Question . No negative marking

3> 2 coding question based on oops concept only like implementing class, virtual, inheritance etc. Language in which we have to code was C++ Java

4> Another 2 Coding question

>> one was shortest path in a grid from 0, 0 to n, n(kruskal algorithm)

>>one was finding number of forest in a grid of matrix which are connected

Round 2:

We gave 3 Technical Round Question were asked from Project, its scope etc. Some of the oops concept questions , Networking Question, DBMS queries they asked about UML daigrams, few coding questions, data structures.

Round 3:

It was followed by 3 HR interview where they will give you scenario questions and general question about about yourself.

Round 2 & Round 3 took almost 7 hours .

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