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Zemoso Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | Off-Campus 2021

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Zemoso is service based company which is specialised service that take your idea from napkin to product market fit rapidly and cost effectively.

Got to know that there was an opening in this company for Associate Software engineer position. Applied through linkedin and got the test link the next day.

Round-1(Aptitude + Coding): This round consist of 13 aptitude question which were very easy to solve provided that you have some background in solving them. 

  • There was one coding question which was easy to solve. But the most important way was how you can explain the code that you have written. I have written comments for each and every line of code and also wrote the time and space complexity of the program. The question was
  • There are several team members of an organization sitting in a straight line. They want to meet at a common point, find a point whose distance from all other points is minimum. Ex:
    [1,3,20,8]  o/p: 10
    [1,2,3,4,5,1000000000] o/p: 1000000015
    Got the mail that I have been selected for the next round.

Round-2(Technical + HR): This round was more towards technical side as they asked me questions related to Java, DBMS and some behavioural questions. The questions asked were

  1. Where is your college located
  2. How is your life going
  3. Is offline classes better or online
  4. Tell me about yourself
  5. Implement all OOPS concepts(should include concepts like interface, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance)
  6. What are threads. How to implement multithreading in java
  7. Find the kth largest element in array without actually sorting it 
  8. multiply adjancent elements in the array like arr[i] multiply with arr[i-1] * arr[i+1] and store it in arr[i]()
  9. what is DBMS
  10. DBMS vs File System
  11. What is Normalization and different types of normalization
  12. Given a table convert that into 1NF, 2NF, 3NF 
  13. What is insertion, updation and deletion anamolies(this is just the concepts of normalization)
  14. Find kth largest/highest salary of a employee from employee table.

Overall the interview went very smoothly.

Result: Selected

Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2022
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