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  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2015
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1. On Thursday i got a call from some consultancy for the job. Asked me basic things like current work, current ctc, etc. I asked him about the profile, its a good habit to always know which job are you looking forward. He told me i am the first person to be asking about the profile, others just said yes straight away. He then explained me JD(job description). This also helps consultancy guys to see if any other job fits you.

2. Got a mail on Friday for f2f on Saturday.

3. There were about 15 aspirants. Some freshers and some with around 1 year exp.

Following is my experience:

1st Round:
Written round. 20 MCQ on outputs, oops, java, etc.
3 subjective.
A. One was to compress a string. For ex. i/p string is aaabbbbcc then o/p is a3b4c2
Totally working code with all the corner scenarios handled was expected.

B. Don’t remember the Second question, but it was super easy then the first.

C. Third question was optional. They said who know can answere. Question was to differentiate between hashtree and hashmap in java. I left it blank.

2nd Round:
A. Detailed discussion on round 1 string compression.
B. How to check if a binary tree is BST
C. Asked me about myself. I asked him the office culture. Asked him about work they are planning for new joinees and how are they planning to onboard them with yatra(trainings and all). Asked him about office hours as well

3rd Round:
A. He asked me BST question from previous round. I told him its done already
B. Cloning a linked list with random pointers
C. A base string is given, lets say helloworld. Stream of sample strings are coming like oworldhell. I had to tell if the sample string is a rotation of base string.
D. Then i asked him about his experience in yatra

4th Round (hiring manager):
A. Notice period
B. Current ctc
C. Expecting salary
D. Apart from work, what did i learnt at my previous company
E. Biggest mistake of your 1 year in previous company
F. What will you do in a conflict with manager
G. Team lead has provided a design, you yourself created another. How will you persuade team to follow your design
H. Your latest conflict with team/manager. How did you tackle it.
I. Asked her questions about work i am expecting with this job. Asked her why hyderabad office has just 30-40 employees. Asked about her experience.

Hiring manager explicitly mentioned she likes full stack people. In my current company, same is the case. I told her about that. She liked it.

I thank geeksforgeeks for the preparation. And, very well done with the new UI. Really appreciate it!!

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