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Like Article Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus for Software Developer )

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2017

Yatra visited our campus. There were 5 rounds.

#Round 1:Online Test on hackerrank.
It consisted of 15 MCQs and 4 coding questions.
MCQs were having quantitative aptitude and technical questions .Each MCQ was of 5 marks .
4 codings questions are as follows:
i) 2 arrays are provided. The second array is to be traversed and number(count) of values smaller/equal than each element of the second array in the first array are to be printed as output. (50 marks)

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12 489 7 79 6 77 41
96 74 7
Output- 6 4 2

ii)1 integer array is provided, and a value ‘k’ is given. You have to print the number(count)
of sub-arrays whose product is less than ‘k’. (75 marks)

iii)A 2-D matrix is provided consisting of values 0,1 and 2 only. 0 Represents blocked path, 1 represents open path and 2 represents cheese & open path. Now, Tom stands at (0,0) and location of Jerry is given .Tom needs to collect all the cheese and catch Jerry optimally.
(100 marks)

iv)A simple code using array sorting technique.
(50 marks)

11 candidates were shortlisted out of 60 .

#Round 2: Technical Interview #1
Coding questions were asked.Mostly related to stacks,queue,arrays and binary trees.
I answered all the questions and was selected for the next round.

#Round 3:Technical Interview #2
Spiral traversal of a binary tree.
Celebrity puzzle. Link- Celebrity Problem
Class diagram of Training and Placement Cell,NIT Kurukshetra.
OOPS related questions.

#Round 4:Project Round
In-depth review of each and every project mentioned in the CV.
Queries related to database.
New technologies used in e-Commerce websites.
Brief about

#Round 5:HR Round
Conversation circling family,personal life and other things excluding what I’d written in my CV.He was really a humble and a cool dude! It wasn’t a rejection round.

Finally, 4 candidates got placed. I was one of them. 😛

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