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Like Article Interview Experience | Set 6

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2015

There were total 4 rounds:

Round #1: This was written round 2 output and 2 coding questions.

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output questions were related to inheritance and run-time polymorphism

coding question #1 : find 2 largest number in an array covering all edge cases
coding question #2 : Given 3 arrays which are sorted find the numbers which are common in 3 arrays

Round #2 : This was technical face to face round and questions asked were:
       -> write a code to reverse a linked list
       -> rotate a 2D-matrix by 90 degree without using extra space
       -> given an array find two elements whose sum equal to zero

Round #3 : This was also technical interview and questions were:
       -> reverse the elements of stack without using another stack, queue and array
       -> In a binary tree find the left facing elements with recursion and without recursion
Round $4 : This was managerial round
       -> Given a table with (empId, deptId, Salary ) make a sql query which list the maximum salary for each department.
       -> Asked about myself and given a situation like you have different point of view than your manager so in that condition what will you do
       -> Why you want to leave your current company.

As they said to me after 1month that now they dont have any open position current for fresher but since myy interview were really fine so they given me one chance for interview for position one higher than i applied:

Round #1 : This was again tech round and questions asked
       -> Given a table (EmpID, Salary) make a generic sql query so that i can get the nth highest salary.
       -> Rat in a maze problem
       -> Given 2D array horizontally and vertically sorted find a given element.

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