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Worldpay Interview Experience (On campus)

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Round 1:


Part-1(on Hackerrank)
Total 20 questions for technical test
17 mcqs(Based on java)
2 coding questions
1 sql query
Total 20 questions on Aptitude.Out of 120 students 60 were shortlisted after these round.


Round 2:


1)Tell me about yourself.
while looking at my CV he asked
2)Which version of Mysql you are using…..difference b/w Mysql and Oracle
As he was the java devloper for worldpay and i have mentioned java in my cv so he started asking me questions on java.
3) jre, jdk, jvm explain.
4) explain what you think about jvm in your own way.(don’t tell bookish definition)
5) Make a program on multilevel inheritance.
– I made the above program then on the basis of it, with some alteration in the code he asked me to tell the output.
6) Make a program to search a number in an array.
7) Tell me about various sorting algorithm and make a program on any one of them?
8) Explain your project and your part in the project?
– I explained the project in general as well as in technical terms then he told some testcases and asked how will you solve it.
9) Explain recursion and make program on it.
10) Which version of java your are using ?
– I told jdk 1.8
11)Tell me new features of jdk 1.8?
12)Compare jdk 1.8 vs 1.7?
13)What are interfaces ? why they are used?
14)What is abstract ?(java based and real life meaning)
15)Tell me your qualities(7-8 qualities i told)?are they interface or abstract?
16)Rate yourself in java?
17)Explain static keyword in java?
18)He gave me a program in which a static block, constructor, instance initializer block was there asked me the output after making its one instance then another instance.
19) why multiple inheritance is not there in java?
20)After jdk 1.8 static and default method definition is allowed in interfaces then how java is restricting ambuiguity in inheritance?
21)Explain Collection Frame work and make an arraylist (insert and reterieve value) from it.

20 students were shortlisted after technical interview.


Round 3:

HR INTERVIEW(15-20min)

*Tell me about yourself.
He gave me 6 topics and i have to choose one and take stand on it (either in favour or oppose)
*I took the topic -“Students are taking Engineering in parental and society pressure”.(In favour)
It went for 5 mins it was more like a debate
Again I have to take a topic and debate with him
* topic-“Social networking sites are harmful or not”
Then he asked me my qualities and how it will be helpful for Worldpay.

5 of us finally got selected. All the best 🙂






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Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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