Wipro Turbo On Campus Placement

Round 1:The first round was an online test which had 5 sections and the platform used was AMCAT. The sections were verbal, logical reasoning, quant, coding and essay writing.

The test was adaptive in nature. The difficulty level increased with number of questions answered correctly. There were 22 question in verbal section that have to be answered in 18 minutes. 16 questions in quant section with time limit of 16 minutes and 14 logical reasoning questions to be answered in 14 minutes.

There were 2 codes. We just had to complete the function.

One code was on a pattern and the other was on the permutation of an array.

The essay writing part was easy.

There was sectional cut off but for sure it wasn’t much high.

Round 2: The second round was technical interview where i was asked OOPs concepts whereas many people faced coding questions.

Round 3: The third round was telephonic HR round which was very general.

Overall the whole process took 1.5 days. But all the rounds were very easy to clear.

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