Wipro Technologies Interview Experience | Set 15 (For project engineer)

Round 1:Online Test on Mettel For those who attended the talnetNext program by wipro.
In this round there were two sections.

      1. MCQS from almost all the topics from java(core).
        Some of the topics were

        • Java introductio
        • OOPs concets
        • Servlets
        • Collections
      2. Coding round

    One question to be solved in 90 minutes. The question was basically form string formatting and collection

    Round 2:Online aptitude and verbal test
    The test was On amcat pattern
    Four sections in this round:

      1. Aptitude test
      2. Verbal and reading comprehension test
        • antonyms and synonyms
        • Comprension passage
        • Rearranging the sentences
      3. Logical Reasoning
      4. Essay Writing:Max 400 words in 10 minutes.


    Round 3:

    Personal Interview
    1. Techhinical interveiw: Questions from Projects
      What is an opearting system
      common sql queries like second highest salary
    2. HR interveiw
      basic introduction
      Why wipro
      Aim in life

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