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Wipro Elite Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2022
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Hello geeks! I would like to share my interview experience with Wipro. First of all, we were asked to register through the Superset platform. Eligible candidates were invited to take a test. 

Round 1: The test was taken on SEB (Secure Exam Browser). 

The test consisted of sections as follows:

  • 50 MCQs of basic aptitude, OS, CN, DSA, pseudocodes, etc. (to be solved in 40 minutes).
  • 2 simple programming questions (to be solved in 40 minutes).
  • Essay writing. (Was asked to write an essay of about 150-200 words for the given topic). (Duration:- 20 minutes).

After a few days, a list of shortlisted candidates was announced. I was one of them. My interview with Wipro was scheduled for 23rd September’21. The interview was conducted on the Superset platform. 

Round 2: The interviewer arrived. We greeted each other.

The interview started with our formal introduction. Then he started asking questions.

  • OOPs, concepts like polymorphism, multithreading, etc.
  • Types of Operating Systems. 
  • Questions from networking like different devices used in networking, OSI layers, subnet, DNS protocol, etc.
  • He also asked me about Cloud Computing. Fortunately, I was aware of the basics of Cloud Computing.
  • Major cloud service providers.
  • Then he moved on to HR questions.: Tell me something about anything creative which you have done in life.
  • Any location constraints which you have.
  • Any backlogs or standing arrears. 

This was all for the interview. After 3 days, results were announced and I was selected


  • Work on your technical and communication skills.
  • Prepare for basic HR questions as well for the interview.
  • Keep calm, go and crack the interview !! ALL THE BEST !!!
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