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What’s the connection between Java and Blockchain?

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Blockchain technology is one of the most talked about technologies. It is even regarded as one of those technologies that have bright potential. However, the technology is at a nascent stage at the moment. Though, this groundbreaking technology has taken the world by storm. Thus, it is regarded as a boon for recent times. But, at the end of the day, the world would have to transform this technology in a way that would make it apt for utilization in different fields. Experts are trying to implement this technology in the various field. Though a lot of areas where this technology can actually bring change are identified, plenty of other areas are being identified as well.

Blockchain adoption is on a rise
The blockchain is expanding rapidly and a lot of new projects are coming up. A host of projects are expected to build out on the Blockchain network. Also, a huge amount of money is being invested in the field of Blockchain. In order to plan and implement Blockchain projects, companies would need Blockchain specialists. Thus, the world is in need of expert Blockchain developers. As, more and more projects are being started in the field of Blockchain, thus, the market is in need of the best Blockchain talent.

Most sought after programming language in the Blockchain industry
As there is definitely a lot of money that’s being funnelled in the Blockchain world, thus, developers have started focusing more on Blockchain technology. Developers are looking for different ways to enter the Blockchain industry. For this, first of all, they would have to understand which programming languages are most preferred in the Blockchain industry.

Almost all the known programming languages are utilized in the field of Blockchain. Though, a different programming language is used for different types of projects. Thus, every developer has to understand which sort of development he or she would like to undertake. However, there is no doubt about the fact that Java is definitely considered as one of the top choices of the market.

Is Java a favourite of Blockchain technology?
Blockchain has transformed the way companies are performing their business transactions on the Internet. Being a decentralized technology, Blockchain seems to have a lot of potentials. Therefore, now, Java developers are upgrading their skills to make sure that they are able to interact with the ever-changing Blockchain technology. There are plenty of Java frameworks that are perfect for developers.

Java is considered as a common-purpose programming language. It is not only concurrent but object-oriented as well. At the same time, Java is created in such a way that it has only limited implementation dependencies. Java is definitely considered as one of the topmost programming languages. From the day it was incepted in 1995, till date, Java has been entering new sectors every now and then, and this time its Blockchain. The number of Java developers is also quite high. And, as they become more interested in Blockchain, they will definitely have more chances to grow and earn more.

Top Java frameworks
Listed below are a few of the best Java frameworks used in Blockchain technology:

  • Web3j
    Web3j is one of the most popular Java frameworks. The framework has a good volume of decent documentation which can be used by the Java developers. Also, Java developers, like the fact that Web3j is reactive. Apart from a decent amount of documentation, a wide variety of examples make web3j a favourite of many.
  • HyperLedger Fabric
    A framework of Linux Foundation, HyperLedger Fabric is pretty famous. The framework is used as the spine for plenty of Blockchain solutions. It is considered as one of the most preferred solutions where enterprise meets Blockchain. The framework may also be used for making generic POC. HyperLedger Fabric is majorly known for making and handling smart contracts.

Java is one of the most flexibility, substantial and popular programming languages. Therefore, even in the Blockchain technology, Java is considered to be a prime. Hence, Java developers have a great opportunity to enter the world of Blockchain. Soon, the demand for Java developers in the field of Blockchain is going to a lot higher than now.

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Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2019
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