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How to Improve Your Placement Strategy for this Upcoming Placement Season?

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As soon as the placement season arrives, placement preparations all around there increase at an ever-growing pace. And why not? The Placement Season is after all one of the most crucial times of the year for a student when they are expected to put their best foot forward and land their Dream Job.  

A Dream without a Strategy remains an Illusion.

Improve your Placement Strategy for this Upcoming Placement Season


Especially, in the present-day scenario where the number of passing engineers is increasing every year but as per several standard reports, more than 70% of tech graduates are actually not employable because of the lack of required skill set in the industry. Yes, let us tell you that in a survey report of 1000 candidates, it was found out that merely 25-27% of individuals are confident of landing a job with their desired package as per their skills.

Hence, in such a scenario, a sound interview preparation strategy is very much very required to secure a great job (among the lucky 20%). But the question then arises…What is the best strategy for this placement season? 

7 Tips to Improve your Placement Strategy for Upcoming Placement Season:

The placement season is here and a great strategy is the need of the hour. Basically, a combination of knowledge, confidence, soft skills, and leadership qualities is required to ace the interviews and land your dream job. Keeping this in mind, some of the useful steps for placement preparations are given as follows: 

1. Resume 

A Resume is a fundamental requirement for the interview process and consequently the first step for placement preparations. It is basically your first impression for possible recruiters as it displays your educational qualifications, abilities, skills, projects, etc. 

To succeed in today’s job market, you have to think of your resume as an advertisement targeted towards your future boss. 

So craft a well-formatted resume well before the placements start as it may increase your chances of being shortlisted much more than a haphazardly put-together resume. 

2. Personality Development

Developing a personality is very important if you are thinking of appearing for an interview. Every career line requires compelling and dynamic employees who wish to take challenges and are outspoken. Therefore, do work properly on certain things before going for an interview such as communications skills, corporate behavior, formal dialect, etc. Keeping these things will definitely help you and help you impress your interviewer.

3. Connect with Alumni

Connecting with seniors is the best thing you can do as it provides you with the background of the complete placement process. They can tell you properly about the whole process in detail because they have been part of it and know everything very well. Along with this, your seniors can also help you with some golden tips which you can prepare before going for an interview. 

4. Research About Companies

We get various companies during campus placement sessions and try to sit in every company’s interview. Although it is a good thing, if you sit in an interview without researching the company then it can be a disaster for you. Therefore, it is vital that you go through the company profile, their work, working environment, etc so that you can ace that in a go. 

5. Aptitude Test 

An Aptitude Test is the first hurdle to clear in most of the campus placement scenarios. It can consist of Communication Skills, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability as well as Domain Knowledge and is normally used to eliminate multiple candidates in the beginning stages. To clear the Aptitude Test, practice online tests and mock question papers within a stipulated time frame. It is also very important to practice the previous aptitude tests set up by your target company as they familiarize you with the test pattern. In general, work on your speed and accuracy as that is mostly the focus of Aptitude Tests. 

6. Technical Interview 

Your Technical Interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. They mainly test your technical knowledge as well as your problem-solving skills. That is the reason why Data Structures and Algorithms are so heavily emphasized in technical interviews (They demonstrate your problem-solving ability and analytical skills). To prepare for technical interviews, it is very important to study Data Structures and Algorithms in depth. In addition to that, coding challenges are helpful in inculcating analytical and logical skills. Also, it is always a good idea to brush up on the technical details of your internships and projects as they may be asked in the interview. 

7. HR Interview 

The HR interview is generally the last round in the recruitment process of any company, and it is used to judge your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses and to understand if you’re the right fit for this job. So it is important to thoroughly understand the job position you are applying for before the HR interview. It is also important to prepare for well-known HR questions such as Tell me about yourself, What are your strengths and weaknesses? etc. In addition to that, it is important to thoroughly read your resume and prepare for any possible questions that may be asked. 

Resources for Placement Preparation:

To formulate a strategy for Placement Preparation, it is important to be well aware of the recruitment process and present yourself accordingly at different junctures in the process. At GeeksforGeeks you can find a vast collection of tutorials and problems that help with this immensely. 

Our latest course, in particular, is geared towards Placement Preparation. This course is named Complete Interview Preparation. This course provides you with almost every resource that you require for placement preparation along with the finest doubt assistance facility and that too at a very affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a job in any leading product-based companies, service-based companies, or even startup ventures, this course is here to get you the job you want!

Complete Interview Preparation Course

The Complete Interview Preparation Course is specifically designed for the students and working professionals to help them out in landing their dream job. You’ll get prepared for each and every subject relevant to the interview whether it be Computer Science Core Subjects, Programming Language, Data Structures & Algorithms, Reasoning & Aptitude, etc. 

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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