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What Makes You a Good Programmer?

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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Each & Everybody wants to become a Good Programmer. But what is the definition of a good programmer?


  • One who solve each & every program in minutes or
  • One who has cracked the exams like TCS Codevita or Codejam or
  • One who knows each & every algorithm or
  • One who knows how to deal with TLE or MLE error or
  • One who writes a program in a good manner with the proper variable names

We think that these all are the answer of good programmers, but the real definition of a good programmer is

  1. The one, who never gives up!! (Hard Work)
  2. He/She wants to solve the program at any cost by skipping meals or sleep etc. (Dedication)
  3. The one who does programming each & every day (Consistency)

So here we’ll let you know some most-recommended tips to become a Good Programmer.

1. Enjoy the Process not the Result

Nobody becomes a good programmer in just one day, there is a journey involved in that and you must have to go through the journey. Maybe by doing Copy/Paste, we can score good marks, but it doesn’t make you a good programmer. If you copy the code then also you should understand the code because in the future if that particular problem appears again then you can solve it on your own. Each & everyone should enjoy the beauty of coding. Maybe at starting you’ll be able to write only 2-3 programs per day (or even less than that), but you can raise your standard through maintaining consistency.

2. First, Understand the Question, then Write Code

You’re recommended to read the question and understand the problem clearly. Maybe, you won’t understand a few problems in one go, then you’re advised to go through it 3 to 4 times. Now, you must be thinking that what will happen by reading the same problem multiple times but eventually you’ll get the actual scenario of the problem that will help you to solve the problem easily. This approach applies during the compilation of program also, maybe you won’t get the desired output in the first few trials but don’t give it up and try to solve the issue or problem until you get the desired results. Indeed, these are the signs of a good programmer.

3. Don’t be Hasty & Don’t get Panic

Good programmers always have patience because they know that at one time they will get the right approach and will find the solution. Hence, they never get panic even if they are struggling for solving a single problem. At some times many of us get panic because we are not able to solve the program & also if that particular program is solved by other colleagues or friends at that time we feel more nervous. You just need to relax, maybe he/she has solved that program before or you have not practiced well. So never compare yourself with others as each & everyone has a different journey. Excitement for solving any problem is good but expect to always get results before others are not good at all.  

4. First, Learn the Theory

Indeed, you’re recommended to learn the relevant theory and understand the programming concepts clearly before getting into the practical implementation i.e., programming. It helps you to better understand the technologies and their respective use. Moreover, when it comes to programming, you’re required to command over Data Structures concepts to become a good programmer. There are so many platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, etc. from where you can learn Data Structures & Algorithms. Here we sorted some of the important topics of Data Structures & Algorithms:

5. There is not only One Solution

There are n number of solutions for a particular problem so if you get the solution of the program which is written by another programmer then instead of directly copying it try to come up with a different and more optimal solution. There are so many solutions but the priority is always given to that solution only whose time complexity is less. In this approach, even some easier questions may take 2 to 3 days, but at the end of the day when you are able to solve the program in your own way, just imagine that happiness & compare it with the time when you just copy the code, Obviously the happiness of after submitting code successfully without anyone’s help is 10 times better than copy-paste of code.

Furthermore, there is not any specific time period to become a good programmer as it can be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc All you need to do is enhance your programming skills consistently and you’re recommended to attend competitions like TCS Codevita, InfyTQ, and many more. Also, you can opt for some most-recommended online platforms like GeeksforGeeks that can help you to become a good programmer by providing you all the required resources whether it be Data Structures & Algorithms, Programming Languages or any other. At least, as mentioned above, the only things that differentiate a programmer from a good programmer are hard work, consistency & patience!!

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