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What is Gitpod?

Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2022
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Gitpod is an online tool that helps you to set up your open-source project locally in short we can describe Gitpod as an online VScode Editor. You can set up your open source project and it works more flexibly than other online tools You can help other developers understand the complete working tree and project structure using Gitpod. Gitpod is described as always ready code tool and it’s completely equitable to understand this you have to navigate to the Gitpod official website. 

Gitpod helps you to set up a completely open source project for the editor and it makes it easy for contributors to understand and start contributing to the project which is super helpful for any open source community or organization. Building a scalable and sustainable open source community is not easy but Gitpod indirectly helps you to do that.

Getting Started with Gitpod

Getting started with Gitpod is easy you need to navigate Gitpod websites and create an account using Github. The workspace will be done automatically once you fork the project to your GitHub it will automatically be available at your Gitpod workspace. You can also use your local VScode environment to code using Gitpod configurations and also it supports multiple IDE and editors. 

Steps to start with Gitpod


  • GitHub account
  • Gitpod account

Step 1: Contributing to an Open-Source Project

Fork or Navigate to the open-source project URL you want to contribute. Multiple open-source projects can be referred for example

Step 2: Configuring Fork Method and URL Method

If you select the fork method then the project is available to code at your Gitpod workspace and if you choose the URL method then add to the project URL. For example

Congratulations, you have configured the first Gitpod workspace environment.

Note: Downloading Gitpod – Always ready to code chrome extension to set up workspace environment easily and it’s a more convenient way to configure.

If you are the maintainer of the open source project and want to use Gitpod then highly recommended to use the extension and its more flexible way. 


The final result will be shown in the above image the Gitpod button is added to your open source project using the chrome extension if you are looking for more customizations then you can explore more with Gitpod documentation. 

Customize Gitpod button

The more you customize the project readme the more you grab the attention of contributors. This is a customized Gitpod button that you can add to your project using the single markdown script.

Add this script and project URL to your readme and it will get visible to all

[![Open in Gitpod](](<your-project-url>)

Gitpod IDE/Editor Supports

As we discussed so far Gitpod supports a number of IDE and code editors and below is a complete list of supported editors and IDEs by Gitpod.

  • VScode Desktop & Browser
  • IntelliJ
  • GoLand
  • PhpStorm 
  • PyCharm
  • Vim


So far we discussed the Gitpod configurations, workspace, and its use also with the help of Gitpod rapid development is growing exponentially. Gitpod is an open-source platform you can directly contribute to it by visiting the GitHub repositories. Gitpod docs are easier and more straightforward to explore more about it.

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