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10 Best Search Engines

Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2024
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Search engines are the type of software that finds the pages of websites that match the web search. Therefore search engines are the type of software program that helps people to find the required information that they are looking for online using the main keywords or phrases. These search engines continually track the Internet and index every page, allowing them to provide results quickly. Therefore in this article, detailed knowledge has been provided about the search engines and 10 Best search engines that are used by people. All the features of these particular search engines are mentioned in this article.

10 Best Search Engines

1. Google



Google is one of the search engines which ranks in the first place which was launched 25 years ago and became the top search engines due to its ability to deliver the best and accurate results or the answer of the questions being searched by the users. Due to the quality of the search results which are made by Google made it more popular than the other search engines. Per day Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches.

Why is Google is Most popular search engine ?

Over 85% of global searches happen on Google, solidifying its position and attracting more websites to improve their search ranking. Some of the major reasons why google is so popular are as follows:

  • Easy to Use: Google is very easy to use. Simply type in what you are looking for and hit “Enter.”
  • Relevant Results: Google tries to give you the most relevant results for your search. It uses a complex algorithm to rank websites based on their relevance, quality, and popularity.
  • Variety of Features: Google offers a variety of features to help you find the information you need. These features include:
    • Image Search: This allows you to search for images.
    • Video Search: This allows you to search for videos.
    • News Search: This allows you to search for news articles.
    • Maps: This allows you to search for locations and get directions.
    • Translate: This allows you to translate text into different languages.
    • Fast: Google is very fast. It typically takes less than a second to get results for your search.
    • Reliable: Google is very reliable. It is always available and rarely goes down.
    • Free: Google is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use it.
    • Popular: Google is the most popular search engine in the world. This means that you are more likely to find the information you need when you use Google.

2. Microsoft Bing



Microsoft Bing is commonly known as Bing which is owned and operated by Microsoft. This search engine is the best alternative to Google. Bing search engine market share is low for many years even though bing is the default search engine on the windows PCs. In 2023 Microsoft Bing was a bit faster to release an AI chatbot service which is based on GPT 4. Bing originated from the Microsoft previous search engines (Windows Live Search, MSN Search).

3. Yahoo



Yahoo is another search engine which is one of the email providers and its web searches holds third place in the search with an average total of 1.24% markets share. From the month of October 2011 to October 2015 Yahoo search was powered by Bing. In October 2015 Yahoo agreed with Google to provide search related services and then in October 2018 the results of Yahoo were powered by Google. Again at October 2019 Yahoo search is once again provided exclusively by Microsoft Bing.

4. Yandex



Yandex is Russia’s one of the most popular search engines which consist of global market share between 0.5 % to 1.16%. On the Internet Yandex is among the most popular websites with a rank of 8th in Russia. Yandex is a technology company which creates smart products and services which are powered by machine learning. 

5. DuckDuckgo



The market share of DuckDuckgo search engine is around 0.58%. According to the statistics it is currently serving more than 3 billion searches per month. It doesn’t have a search index of its own like the other search engines but it generates its search engines from multiple sources which means that DuckDuckgo doesn’t have their own data but they are dependent on the other sources like Stack Overflow, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

6. Internet archive


Internet Archive

Internet archive is a not profitable search engine which is used to find the websites, free books, software’s. Movies and many more. The index of Internet archive consists of 845B websites, 11M movies, 39M movies and it is also a useful tool if the user wants to trace the history of the domain.

7. Baidu



Baidu is China’s top popular search engine which consists of a global market share between 0.68% to 11.26%. Other than the search services Baidu also offers other products for the Chinese audience such as Baidu maps and Baidu Baike. Baidu currently ranks 6th position.


Ask-Search-Engine- is formerly known as Ask Jeeves which receives approx. 0.42% search engines market share . Ask is particularly based on question answer format where the other users answer most of the questions. Ask also consist of a general search functionality but the results which are returned lack the quality compared to the other top search engines.

9. Ecosia



Ecosia is a small business which was founded by Christian Kroll in 2009 and it was created to help in the financing of planting more trees and the restoration projects which was commonly known as “tree planting search engines”. Ecosia makes the money to support the planning of trees by showing ads in the search results. 

10. AOL



AOL network consists of multiple popular websites like, and On the date of 23rd June 2015  AOL was acquired by Verizon communications but later on 3rd May 2021 AOL was sold by Apollo Global Management. AOL receives 339 millions visits per month which makes it one of the top 30 visited websites in the United States.


In conclusion,the top 10 search engines provide diverse platforms for users to access information on the internet. each with unique features and strengths. Google stands out as the most dominant search engine globally due to its comprehensive indexing, advanced algorithms, and vast array of services. Behind Google, search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yandex, and Ecosia cater to different user needs, offering specialized search functions, privacy-focused options, multilingual support and domain-specific searches. The continued advancement of these search engines ensures that users have a wide range of choices to efficiently find the information they seek on the vast expanse of the internet.

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