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Western Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus for FTE Hiring

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Round 1: 

It was an online coding round with 3 sections, i.e, Coding, Aptitude and Electronics. We were supposed to attempt 2 of them based upon our subjects. We could choose between Electronics and Coding. Aptitude section was mandatory. The aptitude questions were easy and coding questions required deep knowledge of the subject.  After this, 26 students were shortlisted.

Round 2: 

This round started from telling about my favorite subject and explaining certain questions from there, to getting hands dirty into questions from resume. Since my resume spoke of Web Development, I was made to write certain amount of code for some conditions. I was asked about locks in DBMS, scheduling algorithms in Operating Systems, certain OOPs concepts like interfaces and abstract classes and certain Data Structures. I was about storage concepts in stacks and strings. There were some questions on hashmap implementation, priority queue implementation, DFS etc.

Round 3:

It was entirely based upon OOPs. Since I am comfortable working with Java, the interviewer asked why. There were certain questions based entirely upon Java too. Also, it had questions on inheritance, polymorphism, constructor-destructor, output type questions, i.e, what changes will you make to get a particular kind of output and some more.

Round 4:

I was asked about my interests and hobbies. There were a few questions from basic data structures and 2 puzzles were asked. Since I explicitly mentioned that I liked solving puzzles, I was given two whereas the others were given one :-P.  Then there were questions about my internship experience and comfort with relocation and I was asked to wait again.

Round 5:

It was the HR round and the only round which took me less than 1 or 1.5 hour to get done with. There were basic questions about internship experience and what I learnt there. Also, she talked to me about my education plans apart from a few more questions.


It was a 2 day long process and the results were announced in a short while after the HR round. 6 of us got full time offers. Geeks has helped me a lot with the entire study process.

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Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2019
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