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Western Digital Interview Experience for FTE+Intern | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
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Western Digital visited my campus in August 2021 and offered Internship+Placement offers to the students. We had a total of 5 Rounds.

ROUND 1: Online Coding Round

This was an online coding round that was a mix of coding questions. aptitude questions, C/C++ questions and OS concepts. The duration of the test was 1 hour. While the questions were easy, one needed to be quick as there were many questions.

25 students were selected for the Interview Round.

ROUND 2: First Technical Round

This round lasted for about 45min to 1 hour and focused on judging the coding skills and fundamentals of the students.

Questions that were asked-

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Write a program to check if a number is prime
  • Write a program to check if a number is a palindrome (With these two coding questions he wanted to check if I knew how to code and if my code worked for edge cases)
  • The question was a variation of toggling Kth bit of a binary number  ( )
  • What are the storage classes in C
  • Asked a number of questions on the Pre Placement Talk that was held before the OT
  • Conceptual questions regarding C/C++

ROUND 3: Second Technical Round

This round lasted for 45min. The interviewer asked questions about my CV throughout the interview. Since I had used Python in my projects I was asked a lot of questions on that

  • Difference between range and xrange
  • Different python data structures
  • Difference between dictionary and ordered dictionary

I was asked to write a code that would reverse the words in a string and this was followed by a discussion on my previous internships and projects and the tools that I used to develop them.

ROUND 4: Technical+ Managerial Round

This was the shortest technical round.

  • Fundamentals of OOPS
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Method Overriding and inheritance
  • Coding question: Find the longest prefix in a list

ROUND 5: HR Interview

This round was pretty long and lasted for about 1 hour 15 min. The interviewer asked very basically and common HR interview questions, but she expected well-thought answers and was looking for consistency among these answers. Displaying good communication skills really helped me through this round.

At the end of the interview process, 6 students were selected.

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